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Oh no!

Oh no! You are Criminal Mastermind Exit, and you've been captured by your sadistic arch-enemy, DRT.  He's got you all locked up and is aiming to work out all of his pent-up stress and cool, methodical anger on you.

You are just, like, quivering in your boots. Oh no.

Play through 23,000 torturous words and seven sexy endings. Choose the right conversation options to trick your arch-nemesis into paving the way for your escape, and wreck his day by being way, way kinkier than he can handle. Shouldn't be too hard. You're exceptionally clever, and, when it comes to this sort of thing, more kinky than he is.


This is an 18+ game, and not intended to be a portrayal of SSC/RACK sex. If you're ever going to tie up a partner, use a safe word and restraints that allow for proper circulation. Check the "Content Warnings" file in the game download for trigger warnings. Please consume your erotica responsibly, you kinky marvels.
Updated 6 days ago
PlatformsmacOS, Linux
Release date Dec 01, 2018
GenreVisual Novel, Interactive Fiction, Simulation
Made withRen'Py
Tagsbdsm, Dark Humor, Dating Sim, Erotic, Female Protagonist, Funny, Multiple Endings, Story Rich
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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I love this, and in all honesty, I heard a deep new jersey accent for Markus


Hahaha, thank you! I tried to tone down writing him with an accent because I didn’t know how well I could make it work in text, but he actually speaks with a Chicago accent. So a New Jersey one is also a totally valid read. XD


I just played this, and its absolutely mind blowing. I absolutely love the atmosphere and everything you did with it. Currently have just completed all the endings and I loved every step of the journey. Anyway just wanted to say this was easily my favourite game and I love Dea and Markus' relationship/interactions. I want to go into detail but I can't find the words for it, also found that you just made another game! Gonna go check it out, anyway thanks :D


Whoa, thank you so much for playing, and for leaving such a lovely comment! Exit/Dea's a lot of fun for me to write, and I hope you like her route in Full Service Shop!


Now this, this i love. I played a while ago, got all endings, and its sooo good! though i did have trouble finding it again, but finding it again was so worth it! cant wait to see what youre going to do next


Thank you so much! I’ve had games that I liked and lost, so I’m honored that this was one you wanted to find again!

Also, your timing couldn’t be better! I just released a new game two weeks ago! It’s also got Exit in it, so if you’re up for seeing more of her, please check it out: https://alexisroyce.itch.io/full-service-shop


oh thats great! ill check it out!!


Iv only got 2 endings so far but god DAM do  love Dea I'm so gay for her!!!!<3 / i always love playable ending games  such as this one im excited to see what other games you come up with!!!

Ahhh, thank you! This is just what I needed to hear today! I'm working on Exit's route for our next game, since she's in it too, and the game is all about being a super gay cyborg!

Im sooo down for that cant wait till it releases!!!!/o/3/o/


havent event started the game yet and im already in love with it! i love the artstyle and the reviews and cant forget about the actuall lore that im seeing in the comments , keep up the good work!

Thank you! I hope you had a fun time playing it!


I really enjoyed this game. It's well written, and got me to realize that I DO have kinks in real life! 

Thank you! <3


Hell yeah! I’m so happy that my game could have a part in helping you figure out something new about yourself! Learning more about our minds and tastes is a huge key to finding all the good things in life. Good on you for exploring things and thinking about yourself and how you relate to the world!


It's not often that something shakes me as much as this has. It is an enjoyable, well-crafted experience, to be viewed in it's specific context. I needed to get it out of me that this game has brought me to add something new to my view of sexuality, in big part thanks to quality of the story.


Whoa, thank you SO MUCH! Making this game also helped me feel more confident and secure in my sexuality, and I’m honored that it could help out you, too! 


I think I'm a bit late, but I just finished this game and really liked the story. Somehow, the fact that these characters have a whole backstory unknown to the player wasn't particularly impactful which is a good thing, and the writing was good enough to make up for the lack of knowledge one might have about these adorable psychopaths. 

However, after getting all the endings, I was certainly glad that the game was interesting enough to get me to finish it in its entirety but alas, I was also very disappointed at the lack of a blowjob scene, especially considering the act itself had been mentioned multiple times during dialogue! Can't win them all I guess, but I still believe it's a missed opportunity. I might be a little biased however, since this is really the one and only thing I expect from a game that is erotic in nature aside from polished writing.


Hehehe, I like this crit. It's good, you asked for what you'd like to see in a very polite way. Though I may need to tell you that it would just result in Markus getting bit. Would nooot turn out well for him.

Still, that would have been funny.


I'm glad you appreciate it and actually take the time to respond to comments, it's a rare sight these days! I believe that surely, if Markus managed to push Exit to the point where she wouldn't hesitate to let him have his way with her in one of the endings, then oral wouldn't be out of the question! After all, from what I've noticed, Exit has a hard time ignoring her own libido, and therefore can eventually give in to her captor if he uses this to his advantage! 

She also appears to lose her confidence and smugness as Markus gets more intimate, and since the wide variety of endings also ultimately allow for a wide variety of states of mind for Exit, I'd imagine one where Markus would get bitten (if he didn't play his cards right) and once where he wouldn't (if he did) wouldn't be completely odd to see. 

On a side note, I am glad to see fellow roleplayers making games, it almost always guarantees very good writing, which is clearly the case here!


This is more complicated than it got in the game, but Exit's sexuality is really tied up in a winner/loser mentality. She's very firmly a switch, almost as though a literal switch gets flipped one way or the other in her head. Whether she's subby or dommy totally hinges on whether she's on the winning or losing side of a struggle.

However, she's not really a servant-style sub. She's selfish. XD So giving oral wouldn't really do much for her, unless her partner found a way to make sure that Exit was still having her needs met. Like with a vibrator or something. Remote-controlled? Turning it off if she stops?

THERE we go! Figured it out! XD That's how it could work! HMMM. I'll have to keep that in mind for a sequel.

Heh, it's kind of clicking with me that this is a conversation where I'm totally allowed to talk about my OCs like this, and it's wild! Designing kink scenarios is like, the best of puzzle, character building, and narrative all rolled into one. So thank you for giving me the opportunity to have this conversation! :D


No problem, I can totally relate. It's always great to imagine new situations you could put your characters into, and I'm glad my ideas led to even better ideas on your part. After all, I believe feedback is important to game-making, even from a random eroge enthusiast on the internet like me. I'll definitely be looking forward to this sequel, and if my feedback had even the slightest of positive effects on the development of a game... well that's just amazing for me, to be completely honest.


It was fun chatting! No promises that I’ll be making a sequel; I want to do a bigger game with Exit, but since she comes from a tabletop game, a lot of her cast are player characters. So I need to make a brand new cast if I want to do it, and that’s a lot of work.

Not saying it’ll never happen. But I don’t want to lie and call it a sure thing.


Is there guide for it


No, but I probably should make one sometime.


A super hot, super cute game! Love it <3


Thank you so much! It was a lot of fun to make, and it means a lot to know that other people had fun with my weird little idea!


I've really enjoyed this game so far. I love the dialog of both characters and find it really entertaining listening to Exit's smartass remarks to Markus. I've only gotten like 2 endings so far so I'll have to continue playing more to get the other endings. I found it really cute how Exit is weak to compliments and Markus's teasing. The ending with Exit submitting to Markus was pretty hot and the ending with Exit being defiant till the end was quite funny.


Thank you! And haha, I appreciate that you noticed that about Exit! She's terrible with sentiment and kind words. Errr, not that we can exactly call anything Markus says "kind..."


God this one was fun. sexy the first time round too when i was trying to get him to be all gentle and sexy for her the second time round when I just focused on getting beat up till she had too much fun but by the third i was just focused on winning.  really got into her head and was sooooooo frustrated when he turned on that music felt like taking a step back. still it was super satisfying when I Exited Stage Left especially given how close we were to giving in when that bell rang. Also checked my phone Glad to see the minions care.
don't know why i got so into this and into her head but I did. really good work

I love the whole mood manipulation thing. it was in the middle of my second play through that I realized it was real. caught the hint at the opening and some of the choices seemed to indicate 2 things at once. (one mentioned both a shock and something sharp and another getting stunned and getting hit.) but I was not quite sure if it meant what I thought it meant till the second run. 

gonna take more runs at it I found ends 2 7 and i forget the other end I found but it wasn't 1 

also glad to read that there is an extended universe here. gonna check out this tumblr as I wanna spend more time in the Fun house that is Exit's head.


Thank you so much! I love dialogue options and verbal sparring in games, and feel like tension is kind of the most fun part of romance/sexy games. So I made a whole game that was pretty much just that!

Next time I really need to be more direct about my game mechanics: the idea was that if Markus is happy, you can directly ask him for what you want. If he's mad, you have to slide a hint in there. So each choice that you can have Exit say can mean two things. I need to study tutorials so I can get a lot better at it!

Thank you again for playing, and for letting me know you liked it!


I dug the game despite not being into the more intense kink stuff. I really liked Exit as a character, shes super cute and her internal monologue was fun to read. I'd definitely wouldn't mind seeing more of her escapades. Markus was a bit more bland to me though, he felt more like a thug than a criminal mastermind worthy of being Exits nemesis. I guess his gruffness makes for a nice thematic contrast to Exits flamboyance, but I still found him kinda uninteresting, at least compared to Exit. Or maybe I'm just bitter that I lost to him like ten times before I figured out how to escape. :P 

As for the puzzles, it took me a bit of trial and error to solve, mostly because of the music thing. I figured out how to get the knife and the taser, but getting Markus to turn off the music was the hardest thing to work out. I eventually just stumbled into the solution by chance by picking the moaning option. That one part could have been more clear, or maybe it was and I just didn't get it. The knife and taser were easy to deduce though.

The endings where Exit submits to Markus and the one where Exit wins were both pretty hot. I guess I'm more attracted to the erotic mind-game aspect than the torture aspect.

Also,  I think my game might have been glitched, cause sometimes I'd click an option and Markus would do the opposite of what I clicked. Like instead of tazing me he would slap me. I didn't know if that was the game intentionally messing with me or a bug, but I overcame it by loading saves.

Anyway, this is an underrated little VN and I hope it gets more exposure. Its got good dialogue and a interesting premise. I'd like to see Exit have a more eccentric villain to play off of, one who's more willing to banter and talk trash with her instead of getting pissed.  Also would have liked to see Markus follow up on that spanking threat but hey can't have everything.

Jeez I wrote way too much and its kinda just rambling, sorry about that. Great game!


Yo! Thank you so much for the in-depth crit! It's such a huge compliment that anyone would put that much time and thought into my little game, so I'm feeling both humbled and super emboldened, reading this. 

Exit's a tabletop character of mine, so I tend to write and draw a lot of side stuff with her. She's got a huge backlog of character snippets, backstory and chatlogs. If you're ever interested, I tend to post extra sketches and stuff for her over on my tumblr, where it's usually tagged with "Exit" or "Exit Signs."

Also, the note that Exit would have played better off a different nemesis got a loving, hearty laugh from a couple of my players, seeing as you were very, very on point with your observation. Exit's had a pretty long arc facing off against and then becoming begrudging allies with the bombastic and loud Cryptic Killer . They have a great chemistry for banter and counter-trapping one another, and CK's been rather miffed pretty darn jealous at the insistence that Markus is her most dangerous and cunning nemesis. Maybe if I ever did a SFW one-shot, it would be a ton of fun to use him. CK makes full on trap-rooms, so maybe an escape room could be in the future..?

Regarding the "glitch," you're not the only one to have that problem. The game has a mechanic where Markus' mood changes to either smug or angry, depending on what Exit says to him. Every time you get back to the choice screen, you can either ask directly (if he's happy), or you have to manipulate him (if he's angry). Each phrase that Exit could choose had a direct meaning and a hidden meaning. I had Exit mention what she was doing before the first choice screen, but a couple of my playtesters didn't understand it either. If you have any ideas on how I can be more clear about that in future games, please let me know. It's obviously a weak point in the game and my communication skills, and I want to make sure I do better next time!

(1 edit) (+3)

I had no idea there was a whole extended universe behind this game. I might give it a more thorough perusal when I have time. And I also didn't know that about manipulating Markus! That's actually pretty clever, like a hidden mechanic. As for making it more clear, I don't know, I'm not a game designer so I don't think I have the best ideas. I guess one way would be to highlight important gameplay related text in a different color, like red or yellow, but I don't know if whatever program you're using will let you do that. You could have Exit be just like, bluntly obvious, it would be believable because shes a smart character, and she has no reason to be vague to herself after all. But then again maybe she would do that, shes kind of a weirdo.  

I'm happy I wasn't entirely wrong in my assessment of  Markus. He definitely came off as a complete monster with no humanity in him at all. I  hope he dies lmao. Anyway keep up the good work! It seem like you have so many ideas and characters  already so I'm sure whatever you make next will be great! 



a VERY great DiD visual novel game, especially one that's free! Can I recommend/request more DiD VNs from you in the future? Would love to see all the possibilities you come up with along with the awesome artwork- it's really great!


I'm glad that you liked it! I'm hoping to make doing a short VN an annual thing. I do a lot of writing and RPing with friends, and both this and May I Take Your Order were written with some of those original characters in kind. I'll probably focus on another character next year!
Also, what's that acronym mean? All I can think of is Dissociative Identity Disorder, which I'm guessing isn't what you mean.


Damsel in Distress. I don't blame you for not knowing it, it originated from DIDnapper. People rarely use it though as their tags or anything though because it's easy to get the simple word "did" instead of "DID" when searching for something


i liked this?

i wish there was a better interface to find all the endings, i got emotionally exhausted before i could find the good ending

(1 edit)

Thank you very much for the input! I'm still tweaking things and will be releasing the final version on Wednesday* night. Could you let me know what gave you trouble, and what endings you did get, so I can make the game mechanics more clear?
*Edit: Thursday night, sorry! 

sure, i got the ending where you try to escape and cant undo the lock, the ending where you only ever get kissed, and the ending where you only get your legs free