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Oh no!

Oh no! You are Criminal Mastermind Exit, and you've been captured by your sadistic arch-enemy, DRT.  He's got you all locked up and is aiming to work out all of his pent-up stress and cool, methodical anger on you.

You are just, like, quivering in your boots. Oh no.

Play through 23,000 torturous words and seven sexy endings. Choose the right conversation options to trick your arch-nemesis into paving the way for your escape, and wreck his day by being way, way kinkier than he can handle. Shouldn't be too hard. You're exceptionally clever, and, when it comes to this sort of thing, more kinky than he is.


This is an 18+ game, and not intended to be a portrayal of SSC/RACK sex. If you're ever going to tie up a partner, use a safe word and restraints that allow for proper circulation. Check the "Content Warnings" file in the game download for trigger warnings. Please consume your erotica responsibly, you kinky marvels.


Off the Cuff 1.0 - Windows 138 MB
Off the Cuff 1.0 - Mac 123 MB
Off the Cuff 1.0 - Linux 128 MB

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a VERY great DiD visual novel game, especially one that's free! Can I recommend/request more DiD VNs from you in the future? Would love to see all the possibilities you come up with along with the awesome artwork- it's really great!

I'm glad that you liked it! I'm hoping to make doing a short VN an annual thing. I do a lot of writing and RPing with friends, and both this and May I Take Your Order were written with some of those original characters in kind. I'll probably focus on another character next year!
Also, what's that acronym mean? All I can think of is Dissociative Identity Disorder, which I'm guessing isn't what you mean.


Damsel in Distress. I don't blame you for not knowing it, it originated from DIDnapper. People rarely use it though as their tags or anything though because it's easy to get the simple word "did" instead of "DID" when searching for something


i liked this?

i wish there was a better interface to find all the endings, i got emotionally exhausted before i could find the good ending

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Thank you very much for the input! I'm still tweaking things and will be releasing the final version on Wednesday* night. Could you let me know what gave you trouble, and what endings you did get, so I can make the game mechanics more clear?
*Edit: Thursday night, sorry! 

sure, i got the ending where you try to escape and cant undo the lock, the ending where you only ever get kissed, and the ending where you only get your legs free