Playtest Build Ready!

Hello all! I’m happy to announce that the playtest build is ready. You can download it for Windows, Mac, and Linux on the game page over here! This version does not yet have the voice track, the CG gallery might need a bit of tweaking, and the CGs still need to be cleaned up. I will, however, be leaving them monochrome and a bit sketchy, so most of them are about 90% complete. The game has seven endings: one is an escape/victory ending, and all the rest are various levels of sexy/painful fun. There is no gore in this game, but there may be some other sensitive moments, so please feel free to refer to the "ContentWarnings.txt" file if you’re it might help.

If you give the game a spin, please comment here and let me know how it went! This isn’t only a visual novel; there is some light puzzle solving with the conversation options. As light as this gameplay is, I still want to balance it properly. So here’s what I’d appreciate hearing back from testers:

-A list of the endings you got, in the order you got them. If you get repeats, go ahead and list them anyway.. Ending #1 is a bit of a catch-all, so you might have a playthrough that is totally different save for getting ending #1 again.

-Any bugs, typos, or just plain stuff that feels off. I swept it several  times, but I’m sure I missed some.

-And generally how you felt while playing! Was it sexy? Funny? Did it get frustrating because I didn’t clearly designate mechanics or goals? Do the dialogue choices need fixing or rewriting? Anything, good or bad, will help me tune up the game before the jam ends!

-Also, let me know if you'd be interested in a last-minute playtest this Wednesday, to run through the game with the vocal track enabled. Most of next week is going to be about fine-tuning that for me, since I've got about half a novel's worth of words to read, edit, and time.

-Oh, and it should go without saying, but if you're under 18, thank you for your interest, but I can't accept your help, so please don't offer! There's sex in this game, so it's a No Minors Zone. And while it isn't up to me to determine who is and isn't mature enough for it, y'all know the rules. Sorry guys.

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I really liked it. And I can't wait to see the kinda things you make in the future. Also, sorry for my lateness.

After the Markus says that you could ask for a kiss , the sprites pile on top one another.

"Why is no much pain necessary to make my heart race...."

when he says "Yeah, dea?"  during the sexy scene, it's blank like when Dea is thinking rather than his name

That's really all I found that hasn't already been said. It really was a great game. Also, I hope that the fact I didn't write more than necessary wasn't a  problem. 

Thank you so much! And don't worry, you played it in like, a day. That's a prompt turnaround! ^u^ I'll get right on fixing all three of those!


Typos I have found:
Just a question mark at the end of the second sentence, Little thing so no worries!
"...Couldn't hear him, But he's too..."
"...Don't go around..."

Ending 6- Only You
Ending 4- Never Going to give him a break
Ending 1- Worn out
Ending 7- Exit stage left
Hella fun for sure! Thanks for all the content warnings! Really comes in handy for my specific things that I can't do. Gosh this game is so saucy and I love the dynamics between these two! I can't wait to see where you go with this! And the red edges of the screen is a really nice touch!

Marvelous, thank you so much for the detailed feedback and the screenshots! I've pulled up the script and edited accordingly. 


No worries! I figured it would help rather than trying to describe text lol! I'll go through some of the other endings in a bit and see if there's anything else I find. :)