This Game Has a Sound Check

So, my plans are still to read everything aloud, with some modicum of voice acting. Everything's from Exit's perspective, so I'll be reading it all in her voice, kind of like a book on tape. Or a dramatic reading? Whichever term. The voice track will be mutable, though; the options menu has separate sliders for Music, Sound Effects, and Voices.

Right now I'm doing some sound checks and whatnot with a nicer mic a friend lent to me. Gotta break a pair of pantyhose and make a pop filter and whatnot. But a few months back I was messing around and did a short file with Exit vs. DRT. But I don't think I'm going to go for DRT's accent in Off The Cuff. Poorly-executed accents are fine for tabletop GMs. Something that's attempting to be sexy? Not so much.

In Off the Cuff, DRT's got Exit right where he wants her. But he isn't the only one who locks people up. Frequently, she's the one capturing him...

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