This Game Needs Playtesters

I've hit over 23,000 words, and apart from what will be added in coding and editing, that's as long as it's gonna get. All routes and endings done. Also working on DRT's sprites and the background. I want to have a version ready for playtesting in a week. Then I can edit and polish while I finish recording the voice track. So. You know what this is all about by now. Comment here if you want it and you're willing to give feedback and skim for typos.

 Any volunteers?

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If you need anymore play testers hit me up, I asked on Tumblr without realizing you meant THIS page, my apologies! ^u^

Hey man no worries! I would probably have PMed you about it anyway; I don't wanna be a strict rules lawyer about it all.


Awesome, thank you! (Just worried about not being seen!)

You are

                                                 ALWAYS BEING WATCHED BY THE VOID, RAELING

Annnnd the playtest is ready!


I would love to play test this, if I can! I love the works and am eager to see what happens!

Heck yeah, thank you so much! I’ll let you know here in a few days when the playtest version is ready for you!

Hello, and thank you again for volunteering to playtest! I've got the playtest build ready for download over here:


I'll volunteer if that's alright.

Thank you very much! I'll comment back to you here in a week when it's ready. :D


Alright! Uhh, see you then...

and thank you for letting me help! 

Heya, thank you so much for waiting! I've got the playest all ready: