This Game Has Been Launched!

Enough with the foreplay! Anticipation is delicious, but it means nothing if I can't give you all what you've been waiting for. The game is ready to download and be played, and the whole thing is free. Thank you so much for waiting, and I hope you all have fun!


So in the end, I didn't get to do the voice track. I'm pretty disappointed about this, but it was equal parts underestimating how much time I'd need, and losing my voice for a week before the deadline. So I both could have done better, and got hit with an unforeseen issue. Next time around, I'll need to budget more time in order to prepare in case something like that happens.

However, I think it's pretty common game design knowledge that it's better to do a few aspects of a game as well as possible, than to stretch yourself thin and have a lot of poorly done ones. Time will tell how well I accomplished everything else, but I'm at least proud of what I did make during the jam time. I really like making these little visual novels, and I feel I grew a little bit farther than last year. Here's hoping I can do something else neat in 2019!

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I got your game and played it, are there more chapters or ust "Worn out" great game btw!


Thank you! There are other endings, but only the one chapter. I'm considering making more, though. I worked on a longer form visual novel a couple years back with a team, and they've hinted that they might be interested in another collaboration.

Ah, thanks! Great game btw!