A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Tonight, we're pleased to serve you a fun little romantic dish with a scoop of horror and a nice, bloody ganache. May I Take Your Order is a short visual novel about a half hour long with five endings. You play as a waiter serving a couple with...strange tastes.

There's also a "Content Warnings" document in the file marked "game." Fun gore is very personal to balance, so if you're worried and don't mind spoilers, it's all laid out there.

Also! If you like the soundtrack, all nine songs are available free over on Tricia’s Bandcamp page: https://triciabayfield.bandcamp.com/

The game runs more smoothly when downloaded, but we're trying out RenPyWeb. Check it out over here: https://renpy.beuc.net/


May I Take Your Order Ver.1.01 Windows 80 MB
May I Take Your Order Ver.1.01 Mac 65 MB
May I Take Your Order Ver.1.01 Linux 70 MB
MayITakeYourOrder-Ver.1.01-web.zip 61 MB

Development log


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first blind playthrough I got ending 4 a hug goodbye. I'm proud I emerged unscathed 

You made it through, and lived to tell the tale!

This was a very enjoyably and unconventionally crafted "eldritch horror" game, the humour/attitude was quite exquisite. I'd love to see much longer games set in this (or similarly imagined) settings, as the game has a certain charm I haven't quite seen the like of anywhere else before.


Although I covered endings 2 to 5 in a few playthroughs, countless dozens of variations were not enough to get me to ending 1, and this was turning out to be quite frustrating to put it politely. In the absence of any walkthrough I could find, I ended up turning to a decision tree mock-up software and had to literally brute-force every possible choice of every possible decision to finally get to ending 1 - that was most decidedly NOT fun. And this is coming from someone who started playing choice-based games on the ZX Spectrum and never stopped since. Certainly, in hindsight, that particular route does make sense - but I feel that if your story truly requires an ending to be achievable through only one specific combination of choices out of hundreds if not thousands*, perhaps some sort of built-in hint** about what you're still failing to get to on playthrough #45611423 might be, perhaps, a reasonable idea...

* needless to say, I did have this problem before, otherwise I wouldn't even have known what software to turn to; nonetheless I don't find "but others are doing exactly this too" much of a comfort.

** sure, I did play games that absolutely required meticulously taped-together sheets of hand-drawn maps drafted as you went; it may have been reasonably fun back then but there is literally nothing I would be willing to do that sort of thing again for. We have rockets that can power-land on their tails now; this sort of effort to achieve completion is no longer acceptable in my book.


Got Ending 5 - Sweet and Dreams.

I adore it. Atmosphere is amazing, art really captures the other-worldness of Talaiporia and that whole bizarre experience. My choices feel like they matter even if they probably not, and for such a short game worldbuilding works great, I can see any number of games in that universe. 

Thank you for playing, and all that wonderful praise is too kind! 

The choices that make the most significant difference are mostly the food ones. However, I wanted to slip a couple extras in to try to judge how the player might want to handle the situation. The color of the crayon you give Hendrik at the beginning determines the MC's attitude in a couple of lines: whether they're helpful or snarky. I didn't do a ton with that, but I figured those might be the two biggest moods, and hoped they would assist the player in feeling like the MC expressed them. Even if juuust a little bit.

Ah, so that's what it counted to! My MC definitely was snarky and I wondered if it was because of some choices. Enjoyed it immencely, especially when he brought 3 glasses (one for himself) that was super funny!


Absolutely one of the best games i have ever played. It's the perfect balance of funny, horrifying, and lovable, and it has great replay value! Ending #1 is my favorite ;)


Whoa thank you so much! While writing it, I got really nervous that nobody else would like the combination of horror, romance and comedy I wanted to make. Hearing such high praise fills me with confidence as I stare down my next deadline!


I saw your post on LewdJam about the branding for your next game and came in to check your profile. Wow! Your art is simply amazing! Congratulations :3

Thank you very much! I do comics and convention tables to make a living, but I always want to branch out and try learning new mediums. And getting to make a visual novel was just...weirdly empowering, if that makes sense. I think it's easy to feel like some things are out of your reach, or that nobody would want to play or read the sorts of stuff you want to make. But finishing May I Take Your Order kinda reminded me that so long as I can be proud of something, it's worth making!
Good luck on your entry, too! I'll be rooting you on!


SO CUTE! I absolutely adored it - I'm a sucker for horror games, but sometimes you just want a mellow, well written, and excellently illustrated, fun-natured one! Thanks for delivering. Here's my video playthrough - I'm only going to post one ending, but encourage everyone else to play and find the four other ones!!!


Hey! I just downloaded your game.  When I finish it I will give my final feedback xD

Thank you very much! I look forward to it. :D


Nice artwork :D ~ Looking forward on playing this 

Thank you very much! I hope you like it, and if you have any comments or crit, please let me know. It's my first release but I had a really good time and I'd love to know how I can improve.