Master Thief Lupin the Third is always two steps ahead of his eternal nemesis, the ICPO's Inspector Zenigata. But occasionally, Zenigata is lucky enough to slap a pair of cuffs onto Lupin, and today is one of those days. On the train ride over to the hoosegow, Lupin's time is dwindling, and it's time to cash in on Zenigata's biggest weakness: his longstanding crush on his eternal rival.

This short visual novel has:

  • -four endings,
  • -A jazzy soundtrack,
  • - And all the visuals are traditionally crafted with watercolor and fountain pen!

Please enjoy and flirt your way to freedom!

And if you'd prefer to flirt with Jigen? Boss, we got you covered:


PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(130 total ratings)
AuthorsAlexisRoyce, Tsushi
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
TagsBara, Colorful, Dating Sim, Funny, Gay, LGBT, lupin, Yaoi, zenigata
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
LanguagesGreek Modern, English
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Touchscreen
AccessibilitySubtitles, Blind friendly


Download 240 MB
Download 206 MB
Download 241 MB
Download 206 MB

Install instructions

If you're running the Mac version:

You might get an error that says your computer will not open the game because "developer cannot be verified." You can refer to this page on the Mac User's Guide to fix this:

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I had fun playing,  had me grinning real big at a lot of things Lupin said. Thanks for making and sharing!

Hey thank you for playing it! We wanted the comedy to stand out like a Part 2 Dub episode. ^_^ If you’d like to play more Lupin, please consider giving The Jig Is Up a go!


As a long-time fan of Lupin, this was such a delight to play!! The watercolor artwork was a wonderful surprise (this may be the only visual novel I've seen with it), and the dialogue felt so fitting for the characters–such an amazing job!! ୧(๑•̀ㅁ•́๑)૭✧

I am curious though, about copyright issues and such. Is there any concern about receiving a notice from like TMS Entertainment? Obviously you clearly state it's fan game but is that enough...? Either way, this is too good to be taken down (☆▽☆)


Thank you very much! We had a wonderful time working on this and The Jig is Up; I love painting and I love Lupin, so it was a dreamy little time. :3

And as far as I know, TMS doesn't have a history of going after fan or doujin creators, so I'm not particularly worried. Thank you for your concern, though! ^u^

doesn't work...

Could you give a little more information? Which version were you using, and what error did you get? Thanks!

I was using the web version. Is that the problem?

The game does run best if you download it, yes! But if you could let me know which browser you're using and specify the error, I could look into it.


Bwahahaha incredible. The Ace Attorney reference in the "I Like You Too Pops" ending had me wheezing (funnily enough I'm into narumitsu for the same reason that I'm into this ship). 

There seems to be a bug where whatever ending you get is listed as "ending 4" on the end screen, it said ending 4 for both the Jigen ending and the ending I'm talking about


wanted to play but there's a script error that pops up  (tried playing on chrome) 


HI there, would you like me to translate your game into Esperanto for free? I'm just looking to help the Esperanto community out by getting some more games into the language.

That would be wonderful! As long as you allow us to host the translation here (instead of posting it on another site), then we'd be honored to have you translate the game into Esperanto!

If you'd like to talk to other translators or would like a look at our translation guide, please consider joining our Discord community! You don't have to if you don't want to, but it's there for you if you do! :D


I really liked the look of this but thought "since this is Lupin fanfic, I shouldn't play it until I've seen a bit of the show" and started the Part 2 anime and fell in fandom love right away, it's so much fun... so thank you for a new obsession. although I ended up shipping Lupin/Jigen the most tbh but I love how this game recognizes the "everyone is in into each other" romantic chaos energy of the show lol.

Anyways now that I have enough knowledge I have played this and it is a DELIGHT, so many funny lines and the art is absolutely gorgeous, I love seeing traditional art used for a project like this. Everyone should give this a shot, I think you could get into it even without knowledge of Lupin III.

Deleted 312 days ago

Hey there, sorry about that! If you're having trouble with the web version, you might want to try downloading the game. If the downloaded version is giving you trouble, let me know which version you're using, and what kind of bug you see. Thanks!


i,m using web and thank you for the quick reply


Thanks bro, got me addicted to Lupin the Third just in time to watch 'Lupin the Third and the Castle of Cagliostro' on Netflix 

also the watercolor and art was AMAZING- 


This is absolutely adorable, I love the watercolor art too, I've never seen art like that in a visual novel before! 
The dialogue is also so fun, it feels just like watching an episode of Lupin! 


dude this is like the italian secret unltold dream!

btw diggin a LOOOOOOOOOT the art style!
damn neat and adorable



( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Hello! This game was awesome! I unlocked all the endings and the secret scene. Lupin Part 2 is one of my favorite parts  and I'm really happy that I found this fan game. The pictures and sprites in this game were so beautiful! You did great job! And this game even inspired me to draw and write other endings myself. I can't express how much fun this game was! :D


Yo this is awesome, we'd love to check out whatever you write! And let me know if you need links to the tools we used to make this game, making VNs in the best!

why am I not able to download the game?

How are you trying to download it?


This was so cute ahahha I loved all of the dialogue and the humour was just spot on. Absolute gem of a game.

(1 edit) (+1)

i love this watercolor type artstyle, very nice to look at


ahh, i just finished playing the game, absolutely loved every second of it! the characters were written very accurately, the watercolor art was STUNNING and every single ending was super fun. all of the routes made me smile constantly, thank you so much for making this game!


Love the art style - it would be fun to see a Lupin/Fujiko game in this style.


I'm such a big Lupin III fan and this amazing game did not disappoint at all. The art was just great to look at and the dialogue had me smiling  but also had me laughing my ass off (also love how many references there was from the series).  Thanks for making my past 2 hours playing this game so fun, will definitely come back to it :]


Me who can't play the game because I only have a chromebook


I feel you.


Made a complete video




Just love the artwork and the fun gameplay!!!

Thank you very much!

Your welcome!!!!


gosh, is this hand-painted????


Everything I make is hand-painted, I sure don’t use my feet! XD

But these were all traditionally painted with watercolors, and then scanned into the computer. I tried to make sure that as much of the game as I could was watercolor, even the menus!


Thought the characters were OCs until I discovered the anime, this definitely pulled me into a whole new fandom. I simp for Zenigata. 


Welcome to the Lupin fandom, my friend lol


Thank you, happy to be here! Forgot to mention I absolutely love the artstyle. It’s so charming! And it looks exactly like watercolor paintings. Are those digital brushes or actual traditional art? :o


All of the assets were watercolor paintings so they were physical pieces that Royce painted and scanned. We sold almost all of the assets actually, but we have some left on etsy at last check so you can see what some of the paintings look like when not in the game if you'd like :)


That's really impressive! Thank you for sharing, that's really fun to see!


wow this is amazing! did you draw the visuals too? because they look beautiful :)


Thanks! I (Alexis Royce) painted the art and wrote about half the script. My partner in crime Tsushi wrote the other half!


I'm a huge fan of Lupin the Third so finding this little gem to play was a real treat.
Love how you've captured the characters they feel like they've been taken from the show, and the art direction was stunning. Fab work devs <3

Thank you very much! We wanted everyone to feel like they came right out of the Part 2 dub!


This looks great. Any chance for a steam release?

No plans to release on Steam, but thank you for your interest!


Ok so I downloaded this for shits and giggles, knowing almost nothing about Lupin, and lemmie tell you this is some good fucking shit. The visuals are great and charming, the writing is witty and cute, and the game itself has every quality of life feature ever to exist and its fucking great. Now I'm in the situation where I'm gonna actually watch Lupin the III without knowing what their voices remotely sound like and having an extremely skewed version of the plot, its gonna be great. Thanks for making this and obviously putting so much time and effort into it, you may have just indoctrinated me into a new fandom


Oh hell yes, this comment was so nice of you to leave, and it is very satisfying knowing we may have convinced one more person to join up and watch Lupin.

There’s a lot of Lupin out there, so we recommend starting with the Dub of Part 2. It’ll pretend that there’s continuity, but there isn’t, really. The dub is super silly and fun and those were the voices we were writing for, so hopefully it’ll give you what you crave right off the bat.

I mean Lupin gives Zenigata a big ol smooch on the cheek right in episode one; they act like he’s joking but we know what’s up.


This was extremely cute. I really only know Lupin through cultural osmosis, but that didn't hamper my enjoyment of it at all. Super endearingly-written, brightened up my afternoon.

Thank you! I wanted to make sure that people who weren't Lupin fans could still enjoy it, so I made sure to include the dance-card segment at the beginning.


I have finally downloaded it and I love it, I am in love with this game. I wish I had a Spanish translation, but it's still very enjoyable

Gracias! Sadly, nobody on our team knows Spanish well enough to translate. But I don't mind at all if anyone else out there wants to translate it to another language! So in case anyone else reads this comment and was thinking about it, please feel free to go for it!

?? :(

Some computers aren't too fond of  programs that weren't submitted to Apple themselves for verification. Here's a fix from the Mac User guide:


Hello, I have a mac as well and what I do is I click it with two fingers instead of double-clicking it. When you do that, a few options will open up. You want to click "Open."

 After that, this will pop up. Click "Open" again. 

That should open the application up afterwards. I hope this helped. :)


Last video


Made a video that has some ramen


absolutely hysterical. loved the ace attorney crossover.


I have never watched Lupin the Third, but I really enjoyed it all the same! I laughed out loud several times, and the kinky jokes were delightful! Definitely a fun little game.


Waaa! The game is very beautiful, the art is beautiful and the watercolor style finish I love. Simply wonderful and entertaining! Enjoyed by lupine fans.

I don't really speak English so I couldn't understand as much as I would like, but I was able to properly enjoy the experience.


The art is beautiful!! I've only watched bits and pieces of Lupin, enough to know the characters, and I feel like you captured them super well!


Thank you! Each member of the Lupgang has such a distinct voice, it helps a lot in making  them all easier to write!


Made another video


I just played this to one of the endings, and its' so fun and charming! A Lupin fan after my own heart. And the artwork is gorgeous!

Thank you! Though I wanted to make sure the game was accessible to people who'd never watched any Lupin at all, my main audience was definitely other Lupin fans. My wife/co-writer/getaway driver and I are big fans, and making this was a great time for both of us! There might be more Lupin games in the future. Can't promise anything yet, but maaaaaaaybe.

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