Our Next Lupin Game is Ready to Play!

The Jig is Up, and the loot's yours for the taking! Our Jigen Daisuke Dating Sim is ready to play. Help Lupin III win over Jigen’s trust, without getting Jigen fed up at Lupin's constant BS. Can you complete the legendary partnership?

We are pleased to present:

  • Over 22k words,
  • Multiple paths through each of our three chapters,
  • One True End, with several alternates along the way,
  • Casual conversation mechanics, with stats like "Trust" and "Patience,"
  • A soundtrack that includes brand-new arrangements of classic songs from the history of Lupin the Third,
  • An art style painted in traditional watercolor and gouache,
  • And more!

Download it right now, over on itch.io!

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