Ver 1.02 Update

Done with another round of tiny bug fixes! Mostly typos, but we also changed the color of the credits and made some other edits, and now the credits are much easier to read!

Some of the typo fixes are thanks to Ellie Spectacular, and especially for reading through and getting a couple endings on her stream! Ellie's been a friend of ours for years, and if you're a Lupin fan, you may know of her from her Lupin YTP Pupin the Thirst. Her playthrough was a lot of fun, and the voices were so cute and fun, especially her Lupin one!

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Apr 06, 2021 206 MB
Apr 06, 2021
LupinFlirting-1.02-linux.tar.bz2 212 MB
Apr 06, 2021

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