Setting Up Shop: First Week Progress!

Hello! We're Team imagiBROS, composed of Tsushi, Camden, and me, Alexis. And for NaNoRenO 2020, we're making this lovely, smutty cyborg game. We've started work on writing each of the four routes, and combined are about 15,000 words into our very roughly 40k goal. I've made base sprites for each of the technicians, and started sketching mockups for the HUD and the backgrounds. I'm planning to have at least one CG for each technician's route, and possibly another pose for each technician. What do you all think? Is it better to have more CGs or more poses? Please comment below with your opinions, both as players or fellow devs!

Anyway! Let's meet our technicians!

Playful, sneaky, and a bit of a wildcard, Dr. Dea "Exit" DeLus is always up for an inspection of an interesting model, and your parts are just TOO fascinating not to have a look at!

Anyone who's played Off the Cuff will recognize this sneaky gremlin. She's not looking to really torture you, though don't let your guard down too much. Her enthusiasm for tech means she's got a few tricks hidden up her sleeve- err, robot arms?

This route written by Alexis Royce!

The most recent addition to the team, Dr Robyn Withrow, is a researcher in the field of plant-based bio-mods. She has a lot of enthusiasm for her field, but is still a bit lacking in confidence FOR her new job. She’ll be gentle with you, please be gentle with her too!

This route written by Tsushi!

Once leading in the field of neurorobotics, Dr. Maya Kato has a bit of a dark reputation as a mad scientist. Nowadays, cyborgs are common, and time has vindicated her research, if not her reputation.

Cool, calculating, and always in control, Kato has perhaps more experience than anyone in installing mods. She also has a lot of experience in finding surprisingly willing test subjects.

This route written by CamDawn!

Dr. Channery Keene is the rumored recipient of a an illegal full brain mod. This quiet, rule- abiding assistant to Dr. Kato no doubt treats her patients with a calm and tranquil civility. Something seems a little... off about her today, though.

A programmer and ex-therapist, Channery cares deeply about the emotional health of each of her patients. Shame she has such trouble keeping her own emotions in check.

This route written by Alexis Royce!

Thanks for taking the  time to read, and we'll try to check back in another week with more progress!

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Either sounds really good to me, but I might just be slightly biased towards "more CGs". At any rate, it all sounds like rather a lot of fun... :)

Thank you very much for letting us know! That’s a vote toward more CGs!