NaNoRenO Update: Procuring Parts...

Hello all! Just a quick check in to say hello and let you all know what's up.

Writing update: Exit's route is coming along well, and Cammie especially has been very hard at work on her route, so it looks like Kato's is definitely going to be the longest one!

Music update: We've chatted back and forth with our composer, the marvelous @timecrowaves, who's gotten a second round of beats to us for our soundtrack! I'm quite happy with how they're coming along, the energy is matching the tone of the game well, (pun intended).

Asset update: The base sprites for all characters are done, and I'll be making expressions once the others let me know what they'd like. Currently, I've got each character limited to five expressions. We can do more later if I've got time, but this is a game jam, so it's important to  not promise more than you can deliver.

I've also been working on backgrounds. Below you'll see the thumbnails I gave to the rest of the group. Tsushi and Cammie pretty quickly chose the two that  they liked best, and I've got  a rough stab at the sort of colors we'll be going for, too.

I've also been working on the GUI, both getting the general visuals worked out, and programming an extra feature for it. We're using Ren'Py, so the bulk of the heavy lifting is done for us, but there are still a few things to play with!

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