Playtest Ready!

We swear it's not an April Fools' prank! The playtest build is ready! It's available for download for PC, Mac, and Linux. God bless Ren'Py.

It's not the final version of the game. That will be out in two weeks. One route is still being written, and we don't have our CGs and a few sprite expressions finished yet. But please feel free to give us full feedback: if you criticize something we were planning to fix anyway, we'll be happy to know that we were on the right track! Comment on this post, or if you feel shy, you can email our team leader at ""

And please also let us know what you liked! This is the first time two of the group have ever written anything like this. And I think they deserve to know what went right, as well!

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Apr 02, 2020
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Apr 02, 2020

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I really like it too bad the last route aint in yet but it is really good, i didnt know if i would like it but i found a few new kinks i have. Great game and good choice for the safeword to stop it anytime and i would mind being on the playtesters list at the end.

Thank you so much for trying it out! Did you find any typos, glitches, or any places that needed to be fixed?

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I didnt find any,  but it was weird that keene and exit  room look the same. i need to still work through maya route and endings . I would like to add at the end of the credits wii the thanks you for playing lasts a bit to long but that may just be my taste and wabting to jump back in to it for another run.

Thank you for the feedback! I'm happy to report that I am planning on adding some differences in the back work rooms, so it's good to know that that was one of the things that stood out. I'm also hoping to get some simple art during the credits, that should make the pause at the end of the credits a bit nicer.


Glad i could help :)


It's possible I'm missing something, but I don't see download buttons for the playtest. Did they maybe get automatically locked until the official release in 12 days?

Ah! Thank you for letting me know! I uploaded and set the files to be available for download, but since I still had a future release date set, was keeping the links from working. We're all set now!