Last Call for Playtesters!

Hey all! If you've playtested the game and would like your name in the credits, please let us know! We'll be posting the final version soon. We need to hear your feedback and any edits/fixes we can make the the game. You can post your feedback here, or if you're shy, email me at Please put "Full Service Shop Playtest" in the subject line, so that my spam filter won't catch it. Thank you very much!

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(spoilers for players)

The technical terms used in the route for Dr Kato was a little longwinded and repetitive for me, as well as when i was being hypnotised by her - a suggestion might be to cut some of the script or add in some short sentences so the sentence flow is not as monotonous?? Other than that i enjoyed playing this game SO much!! The characters, the music, the storyline and the art all created such a strong atmosphere and i felt completely spellbound by the game. I'm so happy i had the chance to play test this, thank you!


Thank you so much for your feedback, and for testing out our game! Couple last things; did you notice any typos or things that felt like glitches? And how did the safeword button work for you?

(2 edits) (+2)

(spoiler for players)

No problem! I didn't find anything weird or any glitches, however I found a few simple typos! Instead of describing where in the story I found the typos, I just wrote down what line the typo was made in script.rpy on Editra, I hope that's okay!

1.  "You're rewarded by the clear, new color of the parts underneath, and the the sticky, slightly staticy sound of the film being removed." -  line  6138 (double "the")

2. "Hands so hot, they might as well be meling your casings." - line 7793 (misspelling of "melting")

3.  "You pause just a moment to straighten them, seting them snugly right." - line 7891 (misspelling of "setting")

4. "You let out an undiginifed whine, needy, doing your best to try to cover it with a cough." - line 8326 (misspelling of "dignified")

5. "This utter desperation cleaning out reserves of emotion and frustation you didn't know you were holding back." - line 8391 (misspelling of "frustration")

6. "Though, if she were, you tell her maybe you'd have emptied her lube cartidge by this point." - line 8848 (misspelling of "cartridge")

7. "Stopping isn't eithout sacrifice for her. She was close to finishing, too." - line 9129 (misspelling of "without")

8. "A glancing touch alongthe side of your touchpad..." - line 9366 (missing a space between "along" and "the")

9. "And the sudden stumulation of multiple fingers causes her hand to quiver, just a moment, before she renews her movement." - line 9556 (misspelling of "stimulation")

10. "When you start to get too dry, she leans dow, to moistening you with her tongue." - line 9788 (misspelling of "down")

11. "You'd expected the new genitals to give you a condifence boost." -  line 11267 (misspelling of "confidence")

12. "She gestures wildy, soap flying off her-half washed hands." - line 6022 (misspelling of "wildly")

13. "20/10 eysight- twice as sharp as most normal eyes- is the baseline for this year's models." - line 190 (misspelling of "eyesight")

14. "If anything, lights in her eyes should make them funtion worse, whenever they go off." - line 721 (misspelling of "function")

15. "She keeps rumaging through the cabinet nonchalently." - line 2719 (misspelling of "rummaging" and "nonchalantly")

16. "Let's get you two acquianted before you become a permanent item." - line 2774 (misspelling of "acquainted")

17. "Her fingers detatch and a rogue index finger lovingly strokes the back of your hand." - line 2806 (misspelling of "detach")

18. "Dr. Kato has requested her assistant demonstate her programming." - line 3019 (misspelling of "demonstrate")

19. "Knowing that is is so very important to hear Dr. Kato's words." - line 3446 (double "is")

20. "I have other ways to anhiliate your inhibitions." - line 4276 (misspelling of "annihilate")

21. "Your arousal and obedience are linked inexcorably now." - line 4633  (misspelling of "inexorably")

22. "Obedience, suseptibility, arousal. This strawberry scent pumps you full of all of them." - line 4657 (misspelling of "susceptibility")

23. "And she's pushing you past any bioloigical limits." - line 4947 (misspelling of "biological")

24. "You want so desperatetly to please Dr. Kato." - line 5466 (misspelling of "desperately")

25. "Oh. Don't let me interupt you, then." - line 5492 (misspelling of "interrupt")

26. "If the entire room were an elevator then it would have started plumetting." - line 5697 (misspelling of "plummeting")

27. "Your eyelids rapidly flutter, you can scarecely keep them open." - line 5700 (misspelling of "scarcely")

28. "Thank you for chosing Full Service Shop. I really do hope I get to see you again for another mod in the future." - line 5736 (misspelling of "choosing")

29. "For now, we hope that you will pease enjoy one of the other routes." - line 5809 (misspelling of "please")

I apologise if any of the spelling errors aren't actually errors - I'm not American so we spell our words slightly different haha :) Anyway I didn't pick up any other mistakes! And the safeword worked perfectly! Good luck!!! 


Whoa, this is incredible! That is a lot of work to go through, and reporting the typos this way makes them so easy to find and fix. Thank you so VERY much! We'll get right on these.