Paintings from the Game for Sale

Hello folks! I'm here with a small update and some art!

As you can probably tell, this game was made using real watercolor paintings melded with digital art and photographs to create the unique visual style. Each piece listed is one that was used for the game and is one of a kind so when they are sold there will be no more.

We're selling these pieces of production art for about 25-55 dollars each. Please check them out if you'd like a one of a kind piece of this game for your wall.

CG/Title Image
Character and GUI art
Backgrounds 1
Backgrounds 2

If you have any interest in translating this game or any other Ren'py game, I made a small guide to help get started.

Also if you're interested we set up a mailing list and Discord to share game news and hire testers.

To join Imagibros Discord:
To join Imagibros game studio mailing list, Click Here.

Thanks for reading everyone,

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I am interested in subscribing to the mailing list but the form is not as usual: I have the possibility to edit the questions on the form, and when I click on "send" it opens a window as if I wanted to send the form itself and not my answers.


Sorry about that mix up! Thank you for telling me, I think I fixed it, here's the right link:


No problem, you're very welcome! :D